Finding Voice:the Virtual Workshop Series is here!

by Sharon Bridgforth 



 Virtual Classes start: THURSDAY NOV. 12th 2015

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 hone your unique artistic voice, honor your cultural inheritance, channel transformative art, and stand in your power as you lead our communities towards greater prosperity (physical, emotional, spiritual and financial).


The Finding Voice workshop series will:

+ Help you develop a sustainable and prosperous approach to art and art-making.

+ Give you access to a lifetime community of radical creatives on the same path (and constant support on your journey).

+ Provide mentorship and practical tools (from an elder, professional artist) to help you easily access your creative power, heal yourself and transform your life and that of those around you.

+Give you a safe community space to share your work-in-progress and get feedback.

+Allow you to develop your own voice and aesthetic so that your stories can be heard/seen by those you are meant to  inspire and lead.


Here's how it's set up...


Finding Voice is made of up 7 sections, each addressing a practice that leads to being a clear creative vessel daily


Section 1: In the Body / Spiritually Challenged

You will learn how to listen to your body and unearth the stories hidden there. Your body is where it all begins, it is your seat of power and the place where creativity is received and translated.

Section 2: Your Creative Process / Who Yo People Is?

You will better understand your creative process and artistic aesthetic. You will name your teachers, mentors and influences, and explore their offerings as resources for your own expansion.

Section 3: What Shaped You / Growing Up

You will walk through the process of breaking open your identities and that of your parents and grandparents. This excavation will allow you to strengthen and clarify your voice in the context of your cultural and ancestral inheritance.

Section 4: Your Myths / First She Was a Boy

You will unmask, reveal and examine the myths that are running your life. Identifying those myths will allow you to address your core challenges and reframe them into opportunities for growth.

Section 5: Your Divine Purpose / Where Is the Love?

You will identify your divine purpose and learn how to manifest the life you want to live.

Section 6: Forgiveness / We Forgive

You will consider who you need to forgive and who might need to forgive you in order to release yourself from myths that no longer serve you. This makes you more available for growth and transformation.

Section 7: Your Life Work / And We Love

You will learn how to set intentions, make goals and plan for manifesting your dreams.


... And here's what you get

You will have LIFETIME access to:


Eight 2-hour live master classes with LIVE Q&A sessions

...where Sharon will walk you through the exercises and answer questions that may arise. Live program runs from November 2015 - March 2016. NOTE: all of these classes will also be recorded and available for later viewing.

Eight pre-recorded sessions

...where Sharon shares her story and provides personal insights on her finding voice journey. This is a virtual, old-school walk with your teacher!

Seven sets of exercises (toolkits)

...that you can use during the workshop and at anytime to reconnect to your creative self.

A community forum of other radical creatives help you on your path. You won’t go through this program alone. We would like for you to share your questions, challenges, thoughts and work with others and develop your creative process in community.

An opportunity to develop & share your work-in-progress

...and get feedback from like-minded creatives and one of our favorite mentors: Sharon Bridgforth.


Here's what the community has to say about Sharon (add your community love):

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4 Payments Billed Monthly

$ 30/Month (get $20 off the first month)

8 Payments Billed Monthly

Is this only for artists? No and Yes.


If you consider yourself and artist > READ THIS SECTION.

If you don't consider yourself an Artist > skip to the next section!

As radical artists, our creativity is the blueprint to accessing prosperity… but we’re often made to believe otherwise. We associate our creative path with emotional struggle, severed relations (familial, communal), false idealism or financial limitations (lack of employment, limited resources). These sometimes conscious and subconscious associations can prohibit us from truly committing to our radical creative power and our most authentic artistic voice -- the kind of commitment that ensures radical prosperity. You think you’ve committed? Most of us think we have… but the wise know it’s a daily struggle.

It’s hard to commit to our path due to lack of support from our families, our communities, the institutions that don’t fund us, a system that ensures our work is overlooked/undervalued, and that we’re pitted against each other to fight for crumbs…

Most of us still live in the romantic yet tired story of the starving artist-visionary-messenger (no matter how hard we try). One that often expects,  accepts or can’t seem to evade poverty as a way of life. As people of color, we’re often told that choosing to be artists is choosing poverty, struggle, loneliness, financial ruin, pain etc. But some of us know that is BS, yet we don’t always know how to counteract that BS. In this class, we want to reframe the artist as key to prosperity. Choosing to develop our creative power (really committing to that fully) is the only way to prosperity -- not just for us, but for our communities as well. Choosing to develop our creative power is choosing to heal, not only personal but communal wounds, to undergo tremendous personal transformation -- the kind that transforms our communities. And choosing creativity also means choosing a sustainable, radical path to wealth and prosperity -- that kind we have long deserved.

Are you ready to (re)commit to your creative path with a prosperous perspective? Join the Finding Voice series!



So you don’t consider yourself an Artist? Then READ THIS.

You are either a closet-artist (afraid to claim the identity because it comes with complicated associations), or you’re someone who’s wanted to explore their creative power but has not had or taken the opportunity to…

Well, you may not be an “artist” by profession or practice, but you are one by birth.

Creativity may be more consciously pronounced in people who identify as artists. But, creativity,  -- our ability to remember the stories that make us, understand ourselves and the world around us, metabolize our experiences into embodied wisdom, resolve unsurmountable challenges, imagine what does not yet exist, and access radical prosperity -- is inherent in all of us. And if you’ve looked around lately, you know we’re in desperate need of some more free-flowing creativity (for our sake and the sake of those we want to support).

It is creativity that heals us, that grows us and deepens our relationships to the people and environments we need to live prosperous lives.

If you’re on the road to reclaiming that kind of personal power, go ahead and join us for this workshop series with Sharon, and recommit to being the artist-by-birth.


Sharon Bridgforth


"I am a southern Spirited/queer gendered wo’mn-mother/lesbian/child of The Great Migration.  I am a Transdenominational practitioner of Jazz.  I believe in Love and Joy and generosity and kindness.  My life’s mission is to create and share art and art-based processes that are rooted in my personal healing journey and that use Black traditions to bring people from different backgrounds together for transformational experiences."



More on Sharon's artistic work...

Sharon has been a resident playwright at New Dramatists since 2009. She has been Artist In-Residence at institutions around the country including: International Development Exchange; allgo, a statewide queer people of color organization; the MFA Playwriting Program at Brown University; the University of Iowa’s MFA Playwrights Program; The Theatre School at DePaul University; and The Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Sharon is producer, founder and curator of the Theatrical Jazz Institute, produced by The Theatre School at DePaul and Links Hall in Chicago, 2011-2012.  Her work has been presented nationally at venues including The Theater Offensive, Links Hall, Pillsbury House Theatre, The New Black Fest and the New York SummerStage Festival. She is the RedBone Press author of love conjure/blues and the Lambda Literary Award-winning the bull-jean stories. Her performance script delta dandi, is published insolo/black/woman, Eds. E. Patrick Johnson and Ramon Rivera-Servera, Northwestern University Press, 2014. Sharon, Omi Osun Joni L. Jones and Lisa L. Moore are co-editors of Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic: Art, Activism, Academia, and the Austin Project, University of Texas Press.  Sharon is one of the subjects in: Dr. Matt Richardson’s, The Queer Limit of Black Memory – Black Lesbian Literature and Irresolution, The Ohio State University Press; Francesca Royster’s Queering the Jazz Aesthetic: An Interview with Sharon Bridgforth and Omi Osun Joni Jones, in Volume 25, Issue 4, December 2013, Journal of Popular Music Studies; and Omi Osun Joni L. Jones’sTheatrical JazzPerformance, Àṣẹ, and the Power of the Present Moment, The Ohio State Press, 2015. 

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We're running a special 4-day COMMUNITY offer ($20 discount) from Wed, Oct 14th - Sat, Oct 17th

Enter this discount code when enrolling:      communitylove


$ 224 (get it for 204 - $20 off the total)

One-time Payment

$ 60/Month (get $20 off the first month)

4 Payments Billed Monthly

$ 30/Month (get $20 off the first month)

8 Payments Billed Monthly