Finding Voice

How to Make Art that heals and transforms us


Finding Voice

I developed Finding Voice because I believe that art and art practices are the gateway to healing and transformation. 

For those who wish to be themselves more fully/to stand in the ever growing power of their voice/to be more present in Life - to release the emotional pain of being erased, unseen, unloved, disempowered - to serve, lead and Love more in this time of transformation,

For artists, scholars, activists, spiritual seekers, family, 

This is an offering that will support you on the journey to finding your rightful place of power in your communities, and in affecting true change.

Stay tuneD for a new offering in Spring of 2018!


Sharon Bridgforth

Transformation Strategist/ Theatrical Jazz Artist

"I am a southern Spirited/queer gendered wo’mn-mother/lesbian/child of The Great Migration.  I am a Transdenominational practitioner of Jazz.  I believe in Love and Joy and generosity and kindness.  My Life’s mission is to create and share art and art-based processes that are rooted in my personal healing journey - that use Black traditions to bring people from different backgrounds together - for transformational experiences."